Command Concealment Concealed Holster Devices

The 2nd Amendment entitles Americans to bear arms. Taking preventive action is the only thing likely to help you protect your family in the event of an assault happening. Our products will aid you in protection of your home, office & vehicle.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Reach

Guns can be hidden from burglars, but within easy reach for self-defense

We have designed unique solutions to stash your firearm in places that are ready for home defense. These concealment bracket devices are easy installation within your home, office or vehicle. Mounted either under your bed or on the side of your bed, your handgun will be within reach to not be a victim in bed.

Also seeing a need for mounting your handguns in places that are not in sight, we designed a bracket that can be mounted under tables, in closets or next to your front door for safety. Our product concept is the brainchild of a Vietnam War veteran, whose motto is “Be Prepared Not Scared”. Completely made in the USA, these products are designed to aid you in your quest for self defense wherever you are.

Command Concealment Concealed Handgun Holsters